Hamilton Engineering has been designing and selling innovative hot water systems since 1981, and those systems have been installed in more than 50,000 facilities throughout North and South America. Our diverse product line-up provides something for everyone, whether your main concern is efficiency, price, or footprint. Hamilton Engineering specializes in custom, pre-packaged systems, and we will provide a solution to your hot water problems, whatever they may be.

• Hamilton Engineering has over 30 years of experience serving the self-service laundry industry.

• Using our proprietary CompSize program, Hamilton Engineering can quickly and accurately size a water heating system to meet the needs of your specific laundry equipment.

• With many different styles of water heaters available and efficiencies from 82% to 99.8%, Hamilton Engineering provides hot water for every budget.

•Hamilton’s Savings Report provides you with an estimate of the utility costs for different styles of water heaters so that you can make an informed decision.